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The first poster is a new “Massacre pneumatic hammer”

Remember this movie? It was released in 1985 from the video, however, as is often the case with Frank treshak, over time he gained many fans. Well, if the picture has at least one fan, then wait for the remake. And so it happened, “massacre of the pneumatic hammer” is returned. And to prove this, we published the first poster of the film.

In registercom chair remake comfortably Robert Hall, the man who gave us the slasher “Buried” and its sequel “Buried 2: Chrome skull”. The script was written by Darren Sevilla, and producer acts as Loyd Cryer, founder of the festival Texas Frightmare Weekend. Interestingly, Krier discussed the idea of a remake with the late Terry Lofton, one of the founders of the original tape, and he has supported the colleague. It only remained to find the right guy for the role of Director, and according to Krier, it happened.

Hall promises that the movie is not only funny, but pretty smart. It’s hard to believe, but why not?

Recall the synopsis of the original painting:

Workers from the construction site, brutally raped her and shortly thereafter killed by the mysterious assassin in a camouflage suit, a motorcycle helmet, with a pneumatic hammer and kompiuternyi voice. Builders, however, is not limited. People nailed to various surfaces regardless of gender, race or religion. Only when the number Packed with nails of victims exceeds the first dozen, the Sheriff and the doctor investigating the case begin to guess who might be behind all this…

The details of the casting have not been disclosed. Shooting is supposed to start in Texas in August of this year. I think closer to that time will emerge some new details.

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