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The first picture is from a remake of “Curse”

Karpovo-Ghost franchise the Grudge is back, and we have the first frame from the new film.

Previously, we looked at the pictures from the shoot, which, however, nothing really terrible (in the good sense of the word) was not. No sinister spirits or frightened to death of actors. Although some of the equipment and decorations were something remarkable. But the picture gives you the opportunity to slowly feel the dark mood for the upcoming picture.

In the Director’s chair of a new “Curse” – Nicholas Sand, the Creator of the film “my mother’s Eyes”. The writers, Jeffrey Buhler (“Midnight Express”).

Basically the cast involved Andrea Riseboro (“Black mirror”, “Birdman”), Damian Bichir (“Alien: Covenant”, “the Curse of the nuns”), John Cho (“Star trek”) and fighting the old woman Lin shaye (“2001 maniac”, “Astral”, “Midnight man”), who called this film the worst in his career.

Premiere recently moved, and now she will be two months earlier: June 20, 2019.

The curse of the dead inhabit the places where they lived, waiting for a new victim. When the curse finds a new victim — she was dying. And the curse is only getting stronger. And so, killing the victim after victim, once cast a curse as the virus spreads and weaves a network of terror…

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