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The first part of the winter patch for Battlefield 1

Первые детали зимнего патча Battlefield 1The creators of Battlefield 1, we increased the maximum class rank.

In anticipation of the installation of new updates for Battlefield 1 on all platforms to be held today during the day, the DICE will briefly describe the main features of the patch, aimed mostly at improving progress and resolve bugs.

DICE warns you not to expect anything global. Thus, in response to requests from fans, the developers have added something new to the shooter that you were not so sad to wait for a large-scale March Supplement “They shall not pass”.

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First of all, the creators of Battlefield 1, we increased the maximum class rank of from 10 to 50. And this applies not only to base classes, but more specialized with elite. Reaching certain milestones — 20, 30, 40 and 50 rank — you can open new dog tags and options for customization of the cards of death.

Also, thanks to the winter update the game will return tape. Unlike medals which are necessary to choose in advance, so that later, having worked hard to earn them, ribbons are awarded automatically during the game for completing various tasks (like kill three enemies without Dismounting from the horse). During one match you can open an unlimited number of tapes for the same feats. Yet varieties of tapes is twenty, but over time, DICE plans to add more.

Users who rent a server will have the opportunity to expel and ban unwanted, and include voting for the map. In this case, winning, players will be able to choose one of the two proposed maps which they would like to continue. But on the official servers Battlefield 1 this option is not. Although, as say the developers, if people like this move, the choice card may appear and for everyone else.

Finally, some changes suffered by the vehicles, weapons, and user interface. For example, now heavy tanks are visible on the mini-map, and the rifle Martini-Henry, which is too much downgraded in the last patch will make it more competitive.

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