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The first official trailer of “death wish” with Bruce Willis

Action Thriller or simply a dashing fighter with a rating of R “death wish” (Death Wish) closer to domestic movie theaters – it is time to reveal localized promotional materials. We have previously posted one Russian trailer, but that was an informal voice. Now everything is as it should be: the rental company “the Exhibitor” rolled out a full dubbing.

The trailer is familiar, with the same not particularly suitable music, but you can listen to official Russian voices of the characters. Oh and Bruce Willis to once again see. He is still able to create a bad people with serious problems.

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The film is a remake of “death wish” in 1974 and tells the story of how:

Respectable family man turns into a killing machine after his wife and daughter become victims of a street gang.

Vincent D’onofrio (“Daredevil”), Elisabeth Shue (“hollow man”, “Piranha 3D”), Dean Norris (“breaking bad,” “Under the dome”), Jack Kesey (“Strain”), Kirby bliss Blanton (“Green hell”) is in the cast, so to speak, in the wings at die hard. In the Director’s chair – the Creator of the “Hostel” Eli (Eli) Roth.

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The Russian premiere is scheduled for April 5, 2018.

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