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The first meeting with the Ghost in “the Vault” (VIDEO)

“They knew not what evil immured in the vault”, and we are now finding out. A spider web of memory came across a short passage from a horror film “Storage” (The Vault). The plot of the film

During a Bank robbery, the criminals opened an old vault, which hasn’t been used. Opening the forbidden door, they release into the world of ghosts guarding the treasures.

In the following video we show the first meeting robbers, ghosts.

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The film itself is of interest, perhaps, not so much the plot (although the idea is interesting) or the involvement of James Franco (good actor, but not always acted in good movies and in General – why did he have a mustache?), how much is the fact that in the Russian hire it produces the company “the Exhibitor”, and we thank these guys for introducing the Russian audience with such great specimens of the genre as “the Babadook”, “the Deathly Hallows”, “the Demons of Deborah Logan”, “wild story”, “Out of darkness”, “don’t knock twice”, “It follows you” Experiment “the Office” – in General, the “Exhibitor” knows a lot about horror.

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The Russian premiere of the “Store” is scheduled for September 21, 2017.

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