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The first localized poster of “the House that Jack built”

Before the Russian premiere of new paintings great and terrible Lars von Trier (“Dogville,” “Melancholia,” “Antichrist”) is one month. Are you ready? Is it even possible to prepare films of triera?..

Anyway, we have first localized the poster, confirming the previously announced premiere date. So far so good. Looking forward to this go around the story on the big screen.

Synopsis “the House that Jack built” is:

The film will tell about a gifted young man named Jack and five incidents which resulted in the chain of his assassinations. The events will be told from the face of the Jack to which each of the murders is a work of art, even if the world condemns them. Despite the fact that the police are getting closer to unlocking his personality that provokes and puts pressure on the Jack, he, contrary to logic, seeks to achieve greater perfection in his “art”. Through the story about the inner world of the killer, about his problems and thoughts in a conversation with an unknown man named Verger, the viewer will plunge into the atmosphere of a grotesque mixture of intellectual “mind games” mixed with childlike self-pity and excuses for his dangerous and controversial nature.

In the cast were noted Matt Dillon (“Crash”), Bruno Ganz (“Bunker”), Shiwan Fallon (“Pine”), Uma Thurman (“pulp fiction”), Jeremy Davies (“Dogville”), Riley Keogh (“Mad Max: fury Road”), Yu JI-tze (“Oldboy”), Sophie Grobel (“Murder”), David Bailey (“Gladiator”), Edward Speleers (“Howl”) and others.

The Russian premiere will break 6 December 2018.

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