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The first in the world: in Turkey, there were original bus

Первые в мире: в Турции появились оригинальные автобусы They can be distinguished by a peculiar colour.

In the small Turkish city of Malatya on the routes of the buses appeared pink in color, designed exclusively for women. Running pink buses for transportation of women, local authorities intend to solve the problem of harassment.

The buses pink color, which move through the city route Malatya, travel is allowed only to women. Only in the Turkish city operate two such vehicle, but in the near future fleet plan to restock. Buses for women appeared in connection with the fact that in Turkey the problem of harassment is very acute.

With the advent of the pink buses from the local girls will have the opportunity to go to school, and women can now go to work without Intrusive courtship the male side.

Currently both buses ply the route to the city centre, it is planned to run such transport and urban outskirts.

It is worth noting that the pink buses run is also female. Moreover, they note that men is difficult to explain why the bus can drive only women.

The initiative with pink buses support most of the local residents of the beautiful half of humanity.

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