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The first feature-length VR film acquired a second trailer

Someday it had to happen. A modern audience is spoiled with new technologies, it will not surprise 3D, I want something new. Well, where else to experiment, not in a cheap genre movie? We have already seen a couple of movies from the first person (“Hardcore” Ilya Naishuller was good, I agree), two or three of horror shot “webcam” and a few short films with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. Soon will be the first feature-length VR film.

In fact, a colleague of Ivanov told you about it. So just in a nutshell recall. The movie is called “the Call” (The Recall), filmed in Canada by Director Mauro Borrelli, one of the main roles in the film was played by Wesley snipes. He made one of the producers, because:

Barco Escape is a new incredible way to watch movies and feel fully involved in a breathtaking action, which you can see in our Thriller. “The call” sets a new benchmark for the film industry needs to create a video bringing vivid feeling. You do not need expensive refined frames – each spectator is free to choose where to look and how to compose.

About that “expensive personnel are not required” is Wesley, apparently, justifies the obvious cheapness of the production, noticeable in the first and in the new trailer.

As for the plot, he plays the old theme clashes with aliens. In the center of the story – the company of white students, who will survive the encounter not only with a rough black man (snipes), but with aliens kidnapping people.

2 June 2017 , the film will start showing in a special panoramic Barco Escape theaters in North America. Then the movie gets up and VOD services.

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