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The first creepy character from the new “American horror story”

In the fall, she’s going to drop for the seventh season of “American horror story” – according to the creators, thematically covering the U.S. presidential election and a mysterious shipwreck. And while fans theorize, swiping the strings between the stories published stories, longtime showrunner of the series Ryan Murphy is adding fuel to the fire of their discussions.

In his instagram Murphy shared the art of one of the characters next season – elephant-like creature with a smile like a clown Get out of the “freak Show”. It looks a very terrifying (in a good way) and really threatens to become one of the main decorations of the continuation of the series.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

Publication from Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) May 5 2017 7:28 PDT

In the new season roles will be performed by our old friends Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as it officially joined Billy Eichner (“Parks and recreation”) and Billy Lourdes (“scream Queen”). There are also rumors about the possible return of Jessica Lange, which certainly would have played the series great use.

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