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The FIRST contest of funny comments in 2018!

Happy New year you, friends! So it was that the old year is ended exactly at midnight from Sunday to Monday, almost simultaneously with the completion of the last in the year of the contest of funny comments. The results of summing today, and today we start a new season!

The results of the voting in our Vkontakte and internal voting edition was won by the inhabitant of memory under the name Big Man. The big man – the big prize in the form of a collection of stories of writer R. L. Stine – “the Night of the game. New. Recognition. New year’s eve party”.

As the Big Man brought this signature:

Congratulations on your victory! The winner today we will send a letter to the email specified during the registration. If our message to you for some reason do not come, I do not hesitate to e-mail yourself the address is – we need to know your name and exact mailing address to send the prize to you.

And the transition into the New year went smooth and nice prize in the new competition will also be a book by R. L. Stine – “cheerleaders. The first evil; the Second evil; the Third evil the New evil.” And competition task – to come up with a funny caption for the still from the film… “Krampus” (the Krampus). Just in the theme of Christmas and New year.

Remember that one comment can be offered one option of the signature; number of comments per participant is not limited. Go for it!

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