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The first ancient civilizations were ruled by women

Первыми древними цивилизациями правили женщиныScientists have studied the burial places of the Indians of one of the tribes of Pueblo.

American archaeologists said that in primitive civilizations around the world for many tribes reigned matriarchy.

This researchers wrote in an article for foreign scientific journal Nature Communications.

According to American experts from the University of Pennsylvania, after, after the collapse of the primitive communal system formed separate tribes, which are mostly dominated and ruled by women. This happened due to the fact that women took care of children and the family hearth, and therefore rarely came out of shelters for hunting and did not often put her life in danger. Historians believe that most of the matriarchy rules in America and in some Asian countries. Over time, the matriarchy gradually turned into a monarchy, which reigned in several empires. According to scientists, in our time, in some African and Amazonian tribes that are untouched by civilization, still largely dominated by women.

Scientist Douglas Kennett and colleagues found the main evidence that some forms of matriarchy were the first civilization of the New world. The specialist said that more than two thousand years ago women were considered equal to the angels, who are messengers of the gods.

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