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The financier said, causing increased food prices

Финансист рассказал, из-за чего выросли цены на продуктыThe reason for skyrocketing prices on food and utilities lies in the refusal of state regulation of prices.

This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by the head of the NBU Council Bohdan Danylyshyn, commenting on the words of the head of the government that a return to rigid price regulation will not help to curb inflation.

But he believes that the abolition of price controls led to the fact that manufacturers and suppliers on monopolized the Ukrainian market did not fail to raise prices and tariffs.

This was the result of a sharp rise in the cost of food, which the national Bank had the opportunity several times to revise the inflation Outlook.

To reduce inflation it is necessary to coordinate activities of the NBU, Cabinet of Ministers and the Antimonopoly Committee. But AMC did not succeed in de-monopolization of the markets. As of mid-2017 for more than 40% of markets in our country was monopolized, 11% worked in administrative or natural monopolies. Monopolies and oligopolies have developed in the energy sector (65%), in transport and communications (82%) – leads the statistics he.

The former Minister believes that price regulation is a direct obligation of the state, and Ukraine should follow the example of some European countries, where reduced nalogovy for food producers, as well as set limits on trading margins.

On the other hand, he recognizes the negative impact of regulation on market saturation, competitive offers of goods and services. But the situation in Ukraine is in a state of “market forces” – just the waiver of regulations, the moratorium on unscheduled inspections of business has led to an uncontrolled growth of prices.

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