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The Finance Minister urged not to rely on IMF support

Глава Минфина призвал не рассчитывать на поддержку МВФThe IMF will support Ukraine for decades, said danyluk.

In the future, Ukraine should not count on support from the International monetary Fund (IMF).

This was stated by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.

“Now the IMF plays a very important role for the development of Ukraine. But I also understand that in the future we should not count on the IMF. This is a weak position. The IMF does programs for 10 years, they keep the country in a difficult period that she had the opportunity to get out of the crisis, stabilize the economy at a time when private investors are not interested in the country and no one supported it, and any tools, in addition to IMF financing, is not working. But when we think about the future, it is wrong to count on the support of the IMF. Why would the government? What are we doing here?” he said.

At the same time, danyluk notes that the IMF programme is an indicator for investors (both for direct and for those who buy Ukrainian bonds).

According to him, to Finance budget deficit, Ukraine will go to the debt markets, when it is necessary.

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