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The final trailer vindictive “Foreigner”

Through the efforts of colleagues Podolsky we already with a specific interest to the Prime Minister’s action-Thriller “Alien” (The Foreigner), in which Jackie Chan evokes fear in the former James bond, I mean Pierce Brosnan, and generally terrorizing the… vengeance of the terrorists. Sometimes using methods in the spirit of John Rambo.

The “Alien” budget of $ 35 million and “adult” rated R, which can not but rejoice. The Russian premiere was moved from November to October 12, 2017, and then by way of another and final trailer of the film rolled!

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In the center of the plot — a veteran of the Vietnam war Nguyen NGO Mines, kill first the Americans, then the Vietnamese. The hero, who was imprisoned after the victory in prison, escapes with his family from the country of Hong Kong. However, the Thai pirates raped and killed his two older daughters, and then route Mina is changing. He finds himself in London, where he opened a Chinese restaurant in the southern part of the city and proudly watches growing up the youngest daughter who turns into a beautiful young woman. In that moment, when he thinks of all the misery and horror of his family behind, a wife and daughter die in a terrorist attack, organized by the IRA. Seeing that the authorities are not too eager wanted terrorists, Min decides to find and destroy the criminals.

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