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“The film is About” about the chances of Konchalovsky for “Oscar”

It seemed that after long-awaited victory DiCaprio no intrigue at the Oscars in the next ten years is not expected. But Russian painting, “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky, appeared to be among the real contenders for the prize for the best foreign language film. The next important date – January 24, will be known when the list of nominees, and the night from 26 to 27 February (GMT), the ceremony of “Oscar”. While weigh the chances of “Paradise” on the statue.

“The film is About” about the chances of Konchalovsky for “Oscar”

This happens not too often. Russia has put forward on “Oscar” do the best domestic film of the year. The author of the film Director of world renown. The theme of the film is international, and the idea is extremely topical. Read more you can read about it in our review. Despite the tough competition, the film entered the shortlist, which is an achievement in itself: now he wrote about all the world’s books, in which all of the news movie. A chance to win eight competitors have. Let’s try to consider them.

Trailer for “Paradise”

The movie “Ray” started a very good festival destiny. Andrei Konchalovsky was in Venice in 2016, the prize for directing, this is one of the most prestigious prizes in the world. There was a wave of positive criticism in different languages, the film was named among the favorites. For “Oscar” it is certainly not the main indicator. For example, the winners of the three main festivals in the short list does not have, but the film academics could read in the trade publications and pay attention to it.

Of course, they had to draw the name of the Director. This is one of those rare occasions when the career of the Russian filmmaker in Hollywood not only went on the decline, but, on the contrary, proved to be successful and versatile. Here and the drama “Maria’s lovers” and the Thriller “runaway Train”, where one of the best roles in his career played Jon Voight, and action movie “tango & cash” with Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. Add a large-scale project “Odyssey” and the fairy-tail “3D Nutcracker and the Rat king”, which though failed at the box office, has not gone unnoticed. Most likely, the Academy, if they’re anything follow modern cinema, know that Andrei Sergeyevich in the works came true prosperity and what is his second picture in a row is the true event of world cinema. However, they may be confused by the fact that Konchalovsky in recent years, often openly criticizes Hollywood (while not denying that “Hollywood” himself he had to get rid of for decades), but such “leftism” may even find support among Western intellectuals.

The trailer of the film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”

In the short list have Konchalovsky has some serious competition. Recall that this kind of movies.

“Tanna” (directed by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler, Australia)

“It’s only the end of the world” (directed by Xavier Dolan, Canada)

“My land” (directed by Martin Zandvliet, Denmark)

“Toni Erdmann” (directed by Maren ed, Germany)

“Salesman” (directed by Asghar Farhadi, Iran)

“Choosing a king” (directed by Erik Poppe, Norway)

“The second life of Uwe” (directed by Hannes Holm, Sweden)

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“The life of the tavern” (directed by Claude Barras, Switzerland)

It is noteworthy that in the list of paintings that it would be possible to wait there, and that really could become part of superkomanda nominees, where surprises could be waiting anywhere. No movies, “Ukrainian sheriffs”, “She”, “Mother Rosa”, “Sierranevada”, “Residual image”. But there is an infinitely beautiful ethnographic masterpiece “Tanna”. Next to him is suddenly Mature and accurate of the most fashionable film of the young Director in the world Dolan, which is still assembled the galaxy of French superstars. The picture is the recent winner of the “Oscar” Asghar Farhadi, in addition to Oriental flavor, contains two Cannes prizes and incredible enthusiasm by critics. Finally, the main favorite of this category is a German tragicomedy “Toni Erdmann”, which, in addition to the FIPRESCI prize in Cannes, the most impressive festival train among the works presented, and it is seriously the best movie of 2016 year, that all call the main contender for the “Oscar”. In addition, all of these movies are not only repeatedly appeared in the United States. “Toni Erdmann”, and “Salesman” bought for American distribution, and this highly integrated industry in the Academy is very important. So, the success of “Leviathan” in the United States largely contributed not so much the quality of the film, how the presence of powerful local distributors. If it was “Paradise”, “Golden globe” for sure this picture is not ignored.

The trailer of the film “Toni Erdmann”

It is also worth noting two important details. The film Konchalovsky has a complex structure: it is stylized as docudrama, the triangle of the main characters fairly quickly finds himself in a situation where the viewer is not able to foresee – in short, to attend the meeting who prefer a very simple, but emotionally and intellectually charged story, “Paradise” may be too difficult. And they will not be able to appreciate it, although objectively the film is much more interesting than the same “Toni Erdmann”. The second difficulty relates to the theme of the film. Two years in a row “Oscar” for best foreign language film received a picture about the Holocaust and then “Paradise”, where again and again the Nazi concentration camp. There is a risk that academics are just tired of this and do not want to encourage the wits, conferred “Paradise”.

You can even add in passing that the regulations “Oscar” suggests that the prize in this category gets not the author, though highly respected, and the country that the film was nominated. And relations with Russia difficult, and although he can play a constant prendersi attitude, “Oscar”, it would at some stage become a barrier for the film. But you won’t, because it is unlikely that the members of the Academy will forget that look work Konchalovsky, and even where Russian language is almost not sound.

Frame from the movie “Ray”

But Andrei Konchalovsky the film is the idea, the relevance of which is above not only predecessors on the subject, but can easily compete with all the competitors this year. “Paradise” is a true statement, the artist warns the whole world that every time when you start to build a Paradise on earth by violent means, is a terrible tragedy on a personal level can only be defeated by a miracle, and at the national – a set of miracles. Or Destiny. This idea can be addressed to all countries of the world and USA is no exception. On the contrary, for them the idea Konchalovsky could be a cause for serious reflection. Conflicts other paintings of the short-list against this background, seem far less significant and, by the way, they are expressed not so innovative.

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Another advantage of “Paradise” – the film is extremely stylish, beautiful. Americans love black and white movie, like when it is expressive and subtly orchestrated. Love the emphasis on the actors, but here at least several dramatic works from the representatives of different national schools. I love it when the appearance of the actors is noticeable, what kind of work they have done for this role. Like moderate the cruelty in the frame, not reaching to naturalistic consumption, but passing beyond the limits of the usual commercial cinema. It’s all there, as well as carefully written, literary monologues of the characters.

Movie poster “Paradise”

Recall that Russian cinema is actually not often promoted on “Oscar”. At least much less than we deserved. “The defeat of German forces near Moscow” has received “Oscar” in the nomination “Best documentary”, but it was re-made version, in addition, the film shared the prize with three other documentary films about world war II. Following the success of the “Oscar” we had almost a quarter of a century, with the monumental and large-scale blockbuster “War and peace”. Then there was “Dersu Uzala”, “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “Burnt by the sun”, entertainment “the old Man and the sea”. In the past, “Oscar” nominated, incidentally, was also an animated film – “We can’t live without cosmos”, which was a strong contender, but the award is not received. Among the nominees of recent years it is also worth remembering the “Leviathan”, “12”. In addition, the film “Mongol” was nominated from Kazakhstan. But the rewards we have not had for two decades.

The trailer of the film “We can’t live without cosmos”

Now there is a real opportunity to set a new mark in relations between our film and “Oscar”. Such, for which will not be ashamed neither be awarded nor rewarded. But this is the case, when the film as an event and so held, and for him receiving the Oscar of no importance, except that in the US, it will look slightly more people. In the Russian hire movie comes out a month before the Oscars, on January 19. In the movie it will see as many people as we usually do watching movies, that is up to 100 thousand people. Then, regardless of the results of the Oscars, will watch it millions on television, where it will be shown in Prime time. And he will go down in history as one of the most important Russian movies of Teens. Therefore, it is not the film needed the “Oscar” and “Oscar” can show their progressiveness by awarding “Paradise” figurine. Just Academy not so often does it.

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