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“The film industry” tells about a major adventure “the Odyssey”

There is a way that you will not find on maps. There are goals that will only be love. “Odyssey” is the most ambitious adventure project contemporary French cinema. The story of the hero who opened to mankind the “second space”. His expedition has inspired millions. His main journey remained a mystery.

“The film industry” tells about a major adventure “the Odyssey”

People seeking to push the usual boundaries of the world and dreaming of distant wanderings, will certainly love the recent French Prime Minister. So, for example, Nicholas Tabashnikov, editor in chief of TV channel “My planet”, were delighted from the long-awaited picture. He noted that such movies need to watch each:
Cousteau, of course, is the pioneer of the fantasy world and this movie, of course, you need to watch, because it’s really a great style, very cool biopic, phenomenally filmed, with amazing acting, amazing directing work, with a phenomenal camera work, present a great movie, which rarely happens”.
“Odyssey” – a large-scale adventure movie. “The film industry” from 02.12.16
“I wanted to liberate man from the shackles of the Earth, to help him to get rid of limits set by nature”, — said Jacques-Yves Cousteau. He did: expanding horizons of life, always swimming against the tide, dived with the camera in the depths of the sea. Eighty-seven of his sixty years spent on the water and under water. Almost Aquaman. Contemporaries wittily joked: “Our captain is the world’s only deep play.” For the documentary “the silent world” in the mid-50s, received the “Palme d’or” in Cannes and Oscar for a career which will win three. The history of sea travel and life adventures of a modern Odysseus will captivate today with renewed vigor.

“The Odyssey”. Official trailer
Directed by jérôme Salle (who directed the film series “Largo winch” and who wrote the script of the action-blockbuster “the Tourist”) in the “Odyssey” shows us the main character not as an untouchable idol, but as a living man subject to like passions and emotions.

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The Creator of the picture says:I wanted to create an objective portrait of this extraordinary man, with all its pluses and some big minuses. Everything that I removed, removed really.”
Stills from the film “Odyssey”
Everything here is really filmed to present the budget invested in the real underwater photography and expeditions and not in computer graphics. The film team followed the path of the ship “Calypso”: the Atlantic coast of Africa, Islands in the Mediterranean sea, Sao Paulo, Brazil. “The Odyssey” — and the first ever feature film, which was shot in Antarctica, where the team also got in a severe storm.

Starring Lambert Wilson recalls:This trip was the most beautiful and risky in my life! We saw a pack of sperm whales, killer whales, leopard seals, and penguins. I was very impressed with the icebergs. We have weathered the storm, where the wind speed reached 170 kilometers per hour. In the same fall and Cousteau. It was something incredible!”.
For the role of the legendary captain Lambert Wilson (known to the world for the last parts of “the Matrix”) lost ten pounds, learned to scuba dive and even he also directed a mini-film in the footsteps of Cousteau.

Actor Lambert Wilson played the role Cousteau

“Cousteau has always been drawn to storms, and typhoons. He always left towards the elements to be in the epicenter and to harness what frightens” — recalled the sailors. The film-makers were acquainted with the testimony of sailors, and members of his family. The nature of Cousteau pushed him and love Affairs: it is known that he was not a perfect man. In the image of the couple Cousteau — freedom-loving and independent Simone — Audrey Tautou, first the fame which brought the role of Amelie. Actress since merged with her character with the passion ready to defend the importance of this strong female figure in discovering the secrets of the “blue continent”. No wonder Simon the crew nicknamed her the shepherdess, that is the true “owner ship”.

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Tautou herself says about her character:Simone Cousteau preferred to remain in the shadows, but I was convinced that without it there would be the Cousteau Odyssey. She was the eyes of your husband when Jacques-Yves was absent on the ship, participated in all his expeditions, she sailed for forty years. This woman was distinguished by a strong character, a strong test and has passed her love.”

French poster of the heroine Audrey Tautou – Simone Cousteau

Winner of “Cesar” (for the embodiment of the image Yves Saint Laurent) Pierre Nine in “the Odyssey,” plays Philip, a younger son of Cousteau. For him in this story, an important theme of the father and of the son, the election of priorities in life. The same rebellious, like Cousteau, Sr., he faced danger. It was Philip brought to life his idea, which he eventually chose the mission of a lifetime — to protect the world’s oceans.

Pierre talks about the role:Through his son, the film shows the lack of the father who sacrificed his family, his children. But at the same time in front of us — a dreamer who was immersed in sea water with scuba gear and do wonderful things! Very interesting this duality, and, in my opinion, the film elected a good view”.

Pierre Nine in the image of Philippe Cousteau

“Odyssey” is a film that is a must-watch on the big screen. The only way to not just see but to feel and experience the main kinotrilogii this winter.

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