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“The film industry” talked to the authors of the film “underworld: blood War”

On the left fifth of the popular sci-Fi franchise about vampires and werewolves — “underworld: blood War”. On the eve of the premiere of the “film industry” has met with leading lady Kate beckinsale.

“The film industry” talked to the authors of the film “underworld: blood War”

A nice Kate beckinsale greets the audience of our program. This is her second visit to Moscow, the first was nearly thirty years ago.

Kate beckinsale, who performed in the movie “underworld: blood War”, the main role, told about the relations with Russia, I started learning Russian language at school when I was 14 years old when I first visited Moscow, then by train we went to St. Petersburg, I was fascinated by this city. I would like more beautiful places to see in Russia.”
The report from the “film industry”
Intellectual Kate in Oxford in the original language was reading Russian classics, remember Pushkin’s “the bronze horseman”, poetry of the Silver age. In the mid-90s in his native Britain played “the Seagull” by Chekhov. To its star role in the blockbuster series is philosophical, realizes that her critics want to see more in romantic Comedy and dramas, but the viewers love it. Us in an interview, the actress admits — “Another world” has changed her life forever.

Beckinsale said that for the filming of “Another world” she has to play sports:I was always worried about what’s going on in my head, but I never thought about my body. And participate in the “Other world” opened for me an exhausting workout. It tempered my character. This militant role was and remains the real challenge.”
Movie trailer “underworld: blood War”
And now, thirteen years jokes Kate beckinsale, she is involved in the thousand year war of vampire (so is her character) werewolves — Lycans. This time for blood Celine hunt and those and others.

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The actress admits that her character no longer wants to fight:early In the movie, Celine absolutely devastated, she has no strength to fight, she became an outcast in both clans, the favourite fell in the war, his daughter’s life is threatened, but Celine finds the strength to act.”
In the fifth series “a different world” cast has changed almost entirely. All the antagonists in the film the new heroes. The leader of the vampires — semira — battling his demonic charisma. In this way, Lara Pulver, screen Irene Adler, known to viewers of “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch. Another sinister enemy Celine — the newly minted leader of the Lycans — Marius, performed by Tobias Menzies nominated for a Golden globe for her role in the TV series “Outlander”.

Movie trailer “underworld: blood War”
The role of Marius – Tobias Menzies – more told us about the purpose of his character:According to legend, “Another world”, the man in whose veins flows the blood of the vampire and Lycan becomes invulnerable. For this Marius and need daughter Celine, which is a hybrid”.
Persecuted by enemies from all sides, Celine is hidden in the mysterious shelter of the Northern Coven. In these fascinating Gothic interior (captured, incidentally, in the present medieval castle in the Czech Republic), hero harboring a peace-loving vampires. However, the illusory sense of security even here. For the first time in the history of the “Other world” in the Director’s chair is a woman. Anna förster has breathed new life into the kinoseriya, — speak of her colleagues. Ward Roland Emmerich, the talented cameraman, she developed the special effects for “independence Day”, led the second group on the project “the day after tomorrow”, was responsible for aerial photography in the blockbuster movie “2012” was a Director of photography on “the storming of the White house.” “Another world” — debut Anna in self-directing.

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Directed by Anna Foerster with reverence to the series “Another world”:this franchise has its own established mythology. I have tried to keep all that was best in the earlier parts, but I hope to hit brand-new elements.”
Movie trailer “underworld: blood War”
“Another world” in cinemas all over the country this Thursday.

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