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“The film industry” talked to the actors of the movie “Ghostly beauty”

Will Smith, Kate Winslet, keira Knightley and Edward Norton — very soon these Hollywood stars can be seen together in the intriguing film the winter — the most profound parable of the “Ghostly beauty” from the Director of “the Devil wears Prada,” David Frankel. The plot of the new film the main character is in deep depression and decides to affect the course of his life in an unusual way. He writes letters, however, in recipients chooses not the people, but philosophical categories: Love, Time and Death. And surprisingly, he answered!

“The film industry” talked to the actors of the movie “Ghostly beauty”

In such a role will Smith the viewers had not yet seen. One of the most popular artists of our time (with “suicide Squad” Smith entered the top twenty “highest-grossing” actors in Hollywood) in an interview with our program admits: “it was not easy to hide its exuberant Comedy and energy to get used to the dramatic image of the recluse, a depressed”.

Will Smith admits that filming in the “Ghostly beauty” it was difficult:the First forty minutes of the film my character never speaks. And I’m too emotional person, love to joke around. But then it was impossible to get out of the way. It was not easy: the three months I lived with a feeling of heaviness in my soul”.
The plot of the “film industry”
In the story the head of the advertising company Howard dies in despair, having experienced the reality of the worst nightmare of a parent. The world exists like a house of cards. Marketing guru, soul of the company, he in the eyes of friends and family loses all communication skills and himself. Howard calls out to the Universe. Surprisingly, this method helps and Howard! His addressees, knows how to incarnate in different people, suddenly come to him. The pre-Christmas atmosphere of new York initially emphasizes the personal drama of the hero who is destined to celebrate the holiday alone. But floating in the air a sense of hope. “This is the time when we all believe that we’ve got something good!”, — notes in our conversation Kate Winslet. Her heroine Claire, a colleague of Howard’s, is doing everything so he smiled again.

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The role of the Claire – Kate Winslet, in an interview, “the film Industry” to elaborate on the main message of the film:This film is as a reminder: no matter what, life is beautiful. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything, but just to stop and listen to the world. And who knows, maybe we will hear that whisper of our guardian angels”.
Trailer of the movie “Ghostly beauty”
Brilliant cast — the trump card of the film. Smith himself, as well as Edward Norton and keira Knightley was nominated, and Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren won an Oscar. The lady-commander of the Order of the British Empire recognizes the “film Industry” in his 70’s, she was looking for an ironic reading of his image in the new film. Mirren plays “Death”.

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Helen Mirren, who played in the film “Ghost beauty” Death itself, a very clear idea of the way this character:I knew I didn’t want to be a woman in a black robe, with a hood and a scythe. My Death was very lively! I also really like that she has a great sense of humor.”
Trailer of the movie “Ghostly beauty”
“This movie is life-affirming drama that any person forced to reflect on the theme of being,” says keira Knightley. Her character in the film itself “Love.”

Keira Knightley stars in the film “Love” – she admits to us that any loss needs to survive:If you’ve experienced a terrible loss, the only thing in our power to try to live on. And once again feel like the person tickling rays of the sun.”

A scene from the movie “Ghostly beauty”

But this takes Time, which, as you know, treats. With him, Howard will also have to meet to make the existential journey and realize that you can not live only in the past. “Ghostly beauty” in theaters on December 15.

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