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“The film industry” has been at the 101-th Russian international film market

In Moscow his work completes the largest event of the film business — 101-th Russian film market, where traditionally on one platform brings together all the industry professionals gathered in different areas: producers, distributors, Directors of theaters, the heads of the film companies and promoters of kinoprodukte. About the most interesting projects and presentations at the film forum — in our story.

“The film industry” has been at the 101-th Russian international film market

“Attraction””Attraction” from Director Fedor Bondarchuk, the movie screens of the country produce the Studio “Art pictures”, TV channel “Russia” and the local car rental office studios “Disney” and “Sony,” just one of the most interesting projects of the new year. Seen here at the winter market. To film wait millions of viewers, it needs to start much wait these few hundred people Director of the the best cinemas in the country — from the largest chains to one-hall venues in small towns. The Director from the scene admits that he considers this the best film in his career. Hall believes.

Director of cinema and repertory planning of a network of cinemas “Karo” Elena Zakharova admits that in “Attraction” by Fyodor Bondarchuk sees great potential:This is a very serious big project that we all look forward to. We have no doubt that at the highest level will be the graphics and special effects. Will be a very interesting storyline. I believe this film to a wide audience age — from youth to an adult audience, which is, unfortunately, not very often goes to the movies. And we have no doubt that the film “Gravity” will attract most of the audiences in our cinemas”.
The program “film industry”
The budget of “Gravity” amounted to 380 million rubles, half of it is already paid for through international sales. The movie will be released, for example, in China, where the audience is growing explosively.

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Trailer of the movie “Gravity”
Another giant of the domestic film industry — Studio of Sergey Selyanov — with the support of the channel “Russia 1” will launch in national hire two ambitious project that will definitely be remembered for the coming year. The first is the “Salyut-7”, which will be released on the eve of cosmonautics Day: a true story of the heroism of Soviet cosmonauts Dzhanibekov and Savinykh, who in June 1985 have prevented the disaster, returning to life on-orbit emergency space station. The second project — “Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers”, a tale with a revolutionary for our animation industry quality graphics and voices Knightley and Cord in the lead roles. It was his domestic animation film increasingly conquers the local market Hollywood. Director of networking looking forward to a good camp.

Video about the film “Salyut-7”
Svetlana Yastrebova – Director of the film distribution network “Sinemapark” – told us that viewers will be able to see the new cartoons Studio “the Mill” on the big screens:traditionally, We show the animation of “Our movie”. Consider them to be leaders in our market. Accordingly, we, of course, start the new year with “Three heroes” and then will show “Oorfene deuce”. I love these tales in my childhood many of them have read and believe that a great movie is supposed to be”.
Movie trailer of “Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers”
“Christmas tree 5” and “Year of movie””Christmas Tree-5” — the nearest of potential hits that cinema will make a bet already this holiday season. Sergey Svetlakov, Ivan Urgant, Gosha Kutsenko and other stars without hesitation responded to the call of the producer Bekmambetov to return to the continuation of the most successful domestic Comedy of the series. “Christmas tree 5” to appear on the screen Dec 22 — at the end of the Year movie.

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Program Director of Russian international film market Catherine Borodachev – believes that the project “Russian cinema” showing their best side:I think definitely the “Year of Russian cinema” showed high potential and interest of the spectator to the Russian cinema. Now all work with great optimism! Cinema I see by box office and audience how an increased interest in animation blockbusters. The point of national identity raised in “Viking”, “Kolovrat”, “SKIF”, “Salyut-7″”.
Trailer for “Christmas Tree 5”
“The defenders”Very fresh trend in Russian cinema, the calling alive the curiosity of professionals, domestic kenogamissi. The first word will say “Defense” — an exciting game about a secret special ops people with powers on the screens released film “Caro”, operating in Russia with blockbusters from Warner. The authors create a whole new kynoselen — with its mythology, symbols and the plurality of images by combining different elements that make up the cultural code today’s audience: the heroism, intelligence, and technology of the Soviet past sprout here in the present, with its threats and challenges.

The trailer of the film “the Defenders”

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