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The film “Houses built in October 2” appeared poster

Company RLJ Entertainment in preparation for the autumn release of mocumentary horror “House, built in October 2” (The Houses October Built 2) rolled on a review of the audience a poster of the painting. And it looks great. People in masks, dark colors, scenery, all is well. At least, this poster evokes in the organism a desire to get acquainted with the film, and what else is needed to complete happiness?

The picture, as you might guess, is a sequel to “Houses built in October” 2014 release. In the sequel, migrated the same characters and the same problems. If you believe the synopsis, the life of these kids never learn.

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Trying to recover after the events of last Halloween, which they celebrated together, the five friends decide that they need to re-face their fears face to face, just to move on. The characters once again begin a tour of the houses of fear, which opens its doors in October, so that everyone could, as it should, to be scared and laugh at it. However, those who were so afraid of your friends appear again. Begins a new terror.

We are able to evaluate the trailer here all the classics: the camera is shaking, the tension builds, the horror creeps. Overall the spectacle is good, there is even a nice shooting with quadrocopter. Fans of mockumentary direction (not to mention the fans of the original) is to take the film on a note.

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Among the creators of the film stands the name of the producer Steven Schneider, who had a hand in a number of genre projects, including the mockumentary: the franchise “Paranormal activity”, “Visit” Shyamalan, the recent “Blair Witch: a New Chapter”. Well, put a picture of Bobby Rowe, simultaneously writing the script (co-authored with Zack Andrews) and performing a major role.

22 September 2017 “Houses built in October 2” will be released digitally and will appear on VOD services.

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