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The fight with the shooting in Kiev: there are victims

Драка со стрельбой в Киеве: есть пострадавшиеKyiv police opened fire and wounded the man.

Today, February 27, in the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital there was a fight with the shooting between police and two men, injuring one of the participants in the brawl.

The incident occurred on the street of Academician Efremov 17. A conflict ensued between the employees of criminal investigation Department and two young people who were at the scene at the request of a friend, who told them that someone is trying to get to his apartment.

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Employees of criminal investigation Department arrived to perform their tasks. According to police, the young people are willfully not fulfilled their instructions, so they had to shoot one of the detainees.

Detainees, in turn, say they were approached by people out of uniform, showed some ID, and then threw them on the ground. When one of them tried to escape, he was shot in the chest. The weapon was traumatic, but the man was seriously wounded, he was hospitalized. The second was taken to the police Department.

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