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The fear of Putin forced the officials to do the impossible

Боязнь Путина заставила чиновников делать невозможное

To become an effective Manager, a real modern Russian official must drastically lose memory, conscience and honor. Last week representatives of the world’s top twisting reality inside out: tell them about Thomas, they — about Eremu. People say the right words, and officials say the right words. And it seems about the same, but I have the feeling that in different languages.

For example, in the week came the news: “TSB has revealed the main channel of theft of money from citizens.” Immediately a twinkle slipped thought “well, finally”, but fell in lupovskoy a puddle and went out. Not about the criminals it that we thought, and low class criminals, obciously accounts.

A resident of Petersburg Zinaida Belikova last week met on the street of Vladimir Putin. And asked the President, can you live on 10 800 rubles per month. Putin said: it is difficult. Belikov asked know whether Vladimir Vladimirovich, how much it costs to go to the store and buy groceries for a day or a thousand, or even three! Putin replied that she knew that there is such a thing — a living wage.

A resident of Chelyabinsk Elena Carpena in January received a pension of 1 ruble 10 kopecks, then sent that amount to the head of the state, concluding that the experience of teachers is 33 years. Cherished ruble she received after indexation of pensions, which in December amounted to 9224 of the ruble.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov after all it’s a shame said that with each individual case of low pensions or wages is necessary to understand separately, as there are nuances. In Russia, below the poverty line (for the official wording timidly hiding the word “poverty”) lives of 21 million people. Every, means, understand? Or, you could just say that such salaries and pensions is a universal shame, it’s impossible, unthinkable, contrary to common sense, the situation for one of the richest countries on the planet. The first step to correcting it with an honest recognition of the problem starts.

But Peskov added that to increase wages in Russia created a whole program, so you cannot expect immediate results. Immediate means immediate. Well, OK. And the result over the past 20 years we can expect? But from all those programs, the development and breakthrough that been? About which day in and day saying?

Immediate results, by the way, waited for Zinaida Belikova. Her the very next day found work — documents will be deliver on the car with the driver. And yet the city government made a promise to her apartment repairs to be done. Fear of Putin’s makes officials to do the impossible. Treat people like human beings and not like cattle. But there is a problem. Not everyone is so lucky, walking through his hometown to meet the President and ask about the salary.

The Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov during the week made the discovery that “in society there is a demand for social justice.” It asked not whether to introduce a progressive tax. (We have more than 90% of the country’s wealth belongs to 10% of the population. And the tax we all have one — 13%.) “Of course, there is reason to say that people with higher incomes should pay more,” — said Siluanov. But it is necessary, first, to wait: the Ministry of Finance may consider the question of raising tax rates on incomes of physical persons only in 2024. Suddenly the boat will swing, and we’ve got a new Putin should appear. And secondly, earlier the Prime Minister stated that the transition to a progressive scale of personal income tax is inefficient. In France, Germany, UK, China and dozens of decadent countries is effective. And the highly spiritual oriented neodobrenie Russia — is not. Because I can’t the authorities take themselves forced to pay people. In France, by the way, the scale is extremely progressive. People with low income (5963 euros per year, which is about 34.5 thousand rubles per month) are exempt from the tax altogether. And those who have annual income from 150 001 to 1 million Euro, paid at the rate of 45%.

Deputies of the state Duma in the week continued to engage in important public Affairs. Decide for example whether to broadcast the plenary sessions in the “room for thought”. The idea was expressed by the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Igor Molyakov. Speaker of the lower house, after he has regained ability to speak, instructed the relevant Committee for control and regulation “to determine the list of these places, where members are thinking”. Maybe it’s funny, but it’s a goal — to find a place where MPs are thinking. Considering what the laws are — this place is definitely not the state Duma.

At the end of the week appearance on the scene (information) I was pleased with the crowd favorite — Dmitry Rogozin. He was surprised that his Corporation ended the year without a single crash: “For us it is a very important result. Such accidents before we were many, now, oddly enough, in 2019, we only went without accidents”. And really — amazing. I tried and tried, and accidents, “oddly enough,” no. He said that in 2020 it is planned to increase the number of space launches compared to last year: “It will be more accurate than 25 launches”. Putin has promised, however, that in the year 2109 will be 45, but who now remembers… And accurate plans for launches in 2020, Rogozin revealed, “that is not exaggerated in the media”. This, incidentally, is a great idea for all officials and heads of state corporations to not constantly caught in a lie, it is better not to say anything. Well, speaking as the materials of the XXV Congress of the CPSU — scale plans, popular support, the fateful decision…

In the world, incidentally, also have a crank with missiles. American Mike Hughes, a stuntman and a supporter of the theory of a flat earth, decided to test the theory in practice. Because NASA is lying and all space programs — conspiracy, secret world government. 22 Feb Hughes sat in a rocket with a steam engine (Yes, not a typo), took off and collapsed. Fell to his death. Whether on a round earth, or about flat… but, she will be down.

The most romantic city, Paris, as revealed in the week turned out to be a trivial bug. Bugs snickering citizens and tourists to such an extent that the Paris authorities had to organize a “hotline” for bitten people.

But back to the homeland. We in Novosibirsk have detained the scapegoat. Shunting Manager of the train station Novosibirsk-Main. 50 thousand rubles per month from the business he put passenger trains on those platforms where these merchants had tents with fast food. That’s a crime, and the people are good and convenient.

And our officers — on the contrary. It seems there is no crime and bad people.

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