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The fate of the “Dnepr”: the collapse of the club and outstanding debts

Судьба «Днепра»: крах клуба и непогашенные долгиSo the Chairman of the Fund of social protection of the players and coaches of Ukraine Oleg Pechory.

Just two years ago, “Dnepr”, under the leadership of Myron Markevych sensationally reached the final of the Europa League. It seemed that the club will not repeat the sad fate of “Metalist”, but all goes to the fact that “Dnepr” will simply disappear from the football map of Ukraine, and leave without paying for old accounts.

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“The situation in Dnipro worse than Metalist. Kolomoisky is not going to extinguish the debts. Markevich, Fedetskyy and company are in even a worse position than former players of “Metalist”. Although the Kharkiv club ceased to exist, but has the balance property: base, stadium, etc. the Courts may suspend the property and it is hoped that children will return the money earned.

Igor Kolomoisky have done more cunning, he brought his football property from the ownership of the Dnipro, and the club Treasury is empty. Top managers have no money to pay with the players and coaches. All over the collapse of the club and debts of no return” – quoted Pekarnogo “Plus sport”.

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Dnipro had fined six points ahead of new sanctions for the reluctance of the club to pay former players and coaches.

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