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The fastest trains in the world. Photo

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. ФотоIdeal for those who love speed and comfort.

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, the train has always served as the epitome of human engineering and craftsmanship, and his invention was always pushing us to develop even more innovative technologies and the spread of the industrial revolution around the globe.

Today, trains have become one of the fastest ground means of transportation, and they continue to improve every day!

Whether you are just a tourist, loving comfort or a true connoisseur of trains, you can learn about the fastest trains in the world! And don’t blink, and they can not see!

10. “Velaro E” (Velaro E)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Built by Siemens Velaro and managed national rail network RENFE, high speed train “, Velaro E” can reach a top speed equal to 251 mile per hour (403,95 km/h). He holds the speed record for railway of Spain, and holder of the world speed record for unmodified commercial trains (up to 2010).

9. “The V ice” (ICE V)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Originally known as the “Intercity Express” (Intercity Experimental), “ice V” was government-funded research project initiated to examine the feasibility of high-speed Railways in Germany. In 1988, he set a new speed record for rail transportation, speeding up to 253 mph (407,16 km/h).

8. Jet high-speed train LIMRV

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Named short for “Experimental vehicle on a linear asynchronous motor” (Linear Induction Motor Research Vehicle), a high-speed train LIMRV was equipped with a gas turbine with a capacity of 3000 horsepower to power the linear induction motor and two jet engines J52 to achieve even higher speeds.

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In 1974 LIMRV reached 256 mph (411,99 km/h), which was at that time the world speed record for vehicles of traditional railway.

7. “Aeropoezd I80” (Aérotrain I80)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

“Aeropoezd I80”, designed by the French engineer Jean Bertin (Jean Bertin), was a monorail train on the airbag with a jet engine, which in 1974 set a speed record for land transport hovercraft, reaching 267 miles per hour (429,69 km/h).

Due to the lack of funding, but also because of its Creator’s death in 1977, the train never saw your commercial application. However, he laid the Foundation for Maglev trains, which were developed in subsequent years.

6. CRH-380A

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

This high speed train was commissioned in late 2010 and is the only Chinese high-speed train developed solely based on Chinese designs and technologies.

His record speed of 302 miles per hour (486,02 km/h), however, after violent clashes that occurred in 2011, the Ministry of Railways of China has lowered the operating speed of the trains up to 186 mph (299,34 km/h).

5. Shanghai Maglev train (Shanghai Maglev Train)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Being the world’s first commercially used train on magnetic suspension, the Shanghai Maglev train was put into operation in 2004, becoming the first use of the train developed by German company Transrapid manufacturer.

Shanghai Maglev train can reach speeds of up to 311 mph (500,51 km/h). It connects the station of the Shanghai metro and Shanghai Pudong international airport (Pudong International Airport).

4. “Transrapid 09” (Transrapid 09)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

The last and most perfect series 09 magnetic levitation trains (Maglev) designed by the German manufacturer Transrapid, designed to travel at a cruising speed of approximately 311 miles per hour (500,51 km/h). The train can speed up and slow down in a fraction of the time required for that other high speed trains.

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Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

In 2007 a modified TGV high speed train POS set a world speed record for rail trains, reaching 357 miles an hour (574,54 km/h).

For the record, the train was modified with the result that he got the larger diameter wheels and only used two of the motor car. Modified rolling stock that connects France and Switzerland, goes with the maximum speed limit to 200 mph (321,87 km/h).

2. JR-Maglev MLX01

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Moving with shocking speed of 363 miles per hour (584,19 km/h) at the 27-mile (43,45 km) test track in Yamanashi Prefecture (Yamanashi), Japan, experimental high-speed Maglev train MLX01 in 2003 set a new land speed record for rail trains.

This record was kept for 12 years, until he was beaten in 2015 other Japanese Mileva on the same test track.

1. SC series L0 Maglev (SCMaglev L0 Series)

Самые быстрые поезда в мире. Фото

Reaching a maximum speed equal to 375 miles per hour (603,5 km/h), a Japanese magnetic levitation train is the fastest rail vehicle in the world. Despite the fact that he has not yet entered into commercial operation, it is expected that in the near future it will operate between the two Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka.

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