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The farmer filmed a strange phenomenon in the animal world. Video

Фермер снял на камеру странный феномен из мира животных. ВидеоThe biologists explained to the naive users of social networks, toad riding a Python

Australian farmer took video of strange phenomenon in the animal world – how about a dozen cane toads, which belong to amphibia, and ride on the back of a three meter Python Monty related to reptiles.

In social networks, naive users were touched by the events, suggesting that the bold snake helps distress the frogs to leave the flooded area.

Zoologists disappointed naive network community unexpected and rather prosaic clue to the behavior of toads that feel great in the water and on land.

It turns out that male cane toads trying not to go … to copulate with a 3.5-metre Python, wrote the zoologist mark.D.Cher

Apparently we are talking about the toad, which we call yeah (lat. Rhinella marina) is a tailless amphibian of the family of toads, native to South and Central America.

The males of this toad and very thirsty and during the breeding season known promiscuous with the living, and sometimes inanimate objects. They are very poisonous and their poison, the Indians often used to soak the arrowheads.

Yeah – the second biggest frogs: its body length reaches 24 cm (usually 15 – 17 cm) weight – kg. Males slightly smaller than females. They caught on video.

The natural habitat of frogs-yeah. – from the Rio Grande in Texas to the Central masonii and North-Eastern Peru. ASU for pest control specially brought to the East coast of Australia, in South Florida, Papua-New Guinea, Philippines, Japanese Islands, and many Caribbean and Pacific Islands including Hawaii and Fiji. Yeah can live in the temperature range 5 – 40 °C and eats everything.

102 toads were delivered in June 1935 in Australia Hawaii for control of pests of sugar cane, why they got a farm called “reed”.

In captivity the frogs had managed to breed, and in August 1935 more than 3 000 young toads were produced on the plantation in the North of Queensland. Against pests Aga was ineffective, but quickly began to increase their numbers and spread, in 1978, reaching the border of New South Wales, and in 1984 the Northern Territory. Now the border of distribution of this species in Australia each year is shifted to the South and to the West at 25 km toads literally come.

Overly bred amphibians are seriously threatened biological diversity of Australia.

Currently yeah have a negative impact on the fauna of the Green continent, eating, driving, and serving the cause of the poisoning of native animals. Its victims are native species of amphibians and lizards and small marsupials, including those that belong to rare species.

With the spread of the Aga attributed the decline in the number of spotted marsupial cats, and large lizards and snakes (deadly and tiger snakes, black Viper). They also ruin apiaries, destroying the honeybees.

Another biologist put it more shocking the picture, where the cane toad trying to mate with the fruit of the mango tree.

Фермер снял на камеру странный феномен из мира животных. Видео

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