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The famous strategy will be released on a popular console

Знаменитая стратегия выйдет на популярной консолиThe game will have co-op mode.

Civilization VI – continuation of the cult series will go to win the hearts of console gamers. Step-by-step strategy for a long time avoided by consoles, however the situation will change soon and the game will move to the new platform. Such an honor, however, had not Xbox and PlayStation.

Publisher 2K Games announced good news for all owners of Nintendo consoles and fans of the series: strategy release a hybrid console. In the Switch version will include the latest updates and improvements, and also several sets of scripts: Vikings, Poland, Australia and Persia&Macedon.

The game will have a cooperative mode for four local networks and two dozen different countries that are waiting for their leaders. To do, as before, we have different things: to build relationships with neighbors, to intrigue, to fight, to develop science and art – in short, to lead mankind to a brighter future.

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