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The famous singer has amazing figure in bikini

Известная певица изумила фигурой в бикини Large Anna Sedokova showed appetizing forms at the beach.

The singer was photographed in a bright bikini sitting on a swing that is tied to the branch of a tree right on the beach. According to the geotagging Sedokova basking in the sun in Thailand, where he starred in the latest edition of “Around the world in the time of the decree”.

Fans of Anna in shock from how beautiful she looks after the third confinement. The singer has repeatedly complained about the weight, but on this beach the image can hardly be argued that it depicts a mother of many children, recently gave birth to a son.

Here such compliments pleased with the ex-soloist of “VIA Gra” her loyal fans: “tummy there!! Goddess!!”, “The only person whom I admire!”, “The figurine is amazing!! And this is the mother of three children!!!”, “Well the ideal! character appearance – this should be a woman! An example to follow!”.

Известная певица изумила фигурой в бикини

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