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The famous rapper found dead

Известный рэпер найден мертвымKenny took a taxi to the beach.

In Rio de Janeiro found the body of a British rapper Kenny Makendi, also known as Kenny the Volcano.

Carried out a genetic examination established gender, height and ethnicity of the deceased. Relatives of the musician refuse to believe and ask to re-examination in the UK.

Kenny the Volcano moved to Brazil in December 2017, and in April there were reports about his disappearance.

According to witnesses, from the recording Studio Kenny took a taxi to the beach. There was subsequently discovered a backpack with his belongings and a laptop. Searching musician lasted for several months.

Kenny the Volcano suffered from depression and had hoped to start in Brazil a new life. Close urged him to think again and to return to Britain to his family.

The last person who saw Kenny, was a taxi driver, driving it to the beach. It is not excluded that Makendi committed suicide.

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