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The famous Newton

Знаменитое открытие Ньютона

Have you noticed how the eyes are the frog-the wah when she saw fallen in the river a drop of water ?

Now imagine what were the eyes of Isaac Newton when he was on his head fell an Apple !

Just because we all not speak the truth. It turns out that Newton, who in those years was not a rich man.
He was very attracted to apples (or rather its absorption). And when the Apple hit him right in the skull, he realized that apples also gravitate to him. And come up with your own
the famous law of gravitation.

Moreover, as a result of numerous experiments, that when Isaac Newton was shaking the tree in the garden to pick the delicious fruit, he made the brilliant discovery that the green and ripe, and even wormy apples fall on his head with the same acceleration.

Here’s how !

(The marvels)

Sergey Paliy.

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