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The famous journalist gave funny advice to Yanukovych

Известный журналист дал смешной совет Януковичу Alexander Nevzorov has commented on the divorce of Yanukovych.

The only woman who would agree to be close to fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is “stone woman of Easter island”.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian writer Alexander Nevzorov.

When asked to comment on the fact that Yanukovych had divorced his wife Lyudmila and lives in a civil marriage with a new girlfriend, the publicist said, “And he was on Easter island? Because the only one I see next to him is stone woman of Easter island”.

“I doubt that even rubber woman would agree to link their lives with Yanukovych for a long time, if she had freedom of choice,” he added.

“No, he has one advantage: he is able to break the pencils. This, in my opinion, the only thing that taught him life,” admitted Nevzorov. According to him, fugitive ex-President “could get a job somewhere in a factory” to the position “test pencils” and “play area”.

“Actually, I’m amazed he was at the head of Ukraine. I would never have trusted even to lead pyshechnaya. Because, well, such a fool boy!” – said publicist.

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