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The famous host radically change the image

Известная телеведущая кардинально поменяла имиджAnd she dreams to fly into space

Alla Mazur, longtime host of the news “TSN.Tyzhden” on channel “1+1”, graced the cover of the July-August issue of the magazine “Dobrye sovety”.

Alla appeared in an unusual for her romantic image – open summer dresses and refined accessories.

Also, she shared with the publication of his dream: to fly into space.

“My friends giggle when I say that I dream to fly into space. Of course, I want to wait for this won’t need superpoderosa as the first astronauts, when you do not have to carry all these overload. But actually there is nothing supernatural in this dream I see. I grew up on science fiction — Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke, Sheckley. Once I read about the three laws of robotics, and today in the European Parliament discuss a law on rules of behavior with robots. We promise technology that will allow you to broadcast information directly onto the retina of the eye, develop psychic technology. The Falcon climbed safely landed and already there are projects to build a base on the moon, the world is developing rapidly. Here you are smiling, right? And I believe it. I just know how to dream.” — said Alla.

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