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The famous “childfree” who do become parents. Photo

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. ФотоThey decided to become parents.

Each person chooses how to live my life. Many refuse to have children because of career or simple unwillingness to change anything in his comfortable life. But our stories about the stars who have changed their beliefs and still thinking about procreation.

Eva Mendes

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

The American actress has long positioned itself as a successful childfree. In her crazy life rhythm, there was no room for children. She didn’t say that children unpleasant for her, but did not consider it necessary to hide that the birth of a baby is not in her plans. She was happy in their comfort zone. As long as her life came true love in the face of Ryan Gosling.

In 2011, the actors struck up a relationship, and in 2014 Eva was the mother of a charming Amada Esmeralda Gosling. And in 2016 their close-knit family added another cute little Lee Amada Gosling.

Janet Jackson

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

It seemed that this singer will never change their beliefs. She married, divorced, but always refused to have children. And only a third husband, Wissam al Mana, gave her the joy of motherhood. Janet gave birth to her baby, named Issa al-Mana, at the age of 50 years.

However, within three months after the appearance of the son born, the couple filed for divorce, but the singer says that grateful wife for her son, whom she loves.

Ksenia Sobchak

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

That’s really who can not be suspected of love for children, so it is Xenia Sobchak. They annoyed her and made to speak in the address very clearly and sharply. Her words about the “little suckers” outraged the online community. Ksenia also did not think to make excuses.

But in 2016, Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan was born on Plato. And now the media personality said that she starts with love to treat children. However, while her warm feelings only apply to one boy.

Olga Kurylenko

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

French of Ukrainian descent, model and actress was married twice, but to have children is not going to. She was in a hurry to make a career, to know the joy of living, to enjoy life, not to dedicate himself to night vigils at the bedside of the baby. But the relationship with max Beniam forced to change their plans.

Olga suddenly realized that she wanted to have children. Alexander Horatio the Brand Benice is 2 years old and it seems that the role of mother Olga quite like. At least, she looks quite happy.

Jessica Biel

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

When many friends of Jessica bill had children, she stated that they will not be able to get her into a clan of their parents. She’s just had enough of life: busy schedule, complicated relationship with Justin Timberlake, caring for his beloved dog. But with the advent of the light in April 2015, Silas Randall Timberlake she turned into a caring loving mother, ready to sacrifice their own sleep and order in the house for my son. It is now worried, will she be able to cope with his playful and very energetic kid when he grows up.

George Clooney

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

He not only wanted to have children, but even a family is not sought. According to him, the animal he always loved more children. George Clooney not felt a need to become a father and was not thrilled with kind of chubby tots who need to change diapers.

A long list of amorous conquests of George Clooney could be infinite if not for the meeting with the beautiful human rights activist Amal Alamuddin. In September 2014, a confirmed bachelor married to a sweetheart, and in June of 2017 the family had two kids: Alexander and Ella Clooney.

Cameron Diaz

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

The actress has always evoked interest not only for his work in cinema, but also numerous novels that she wasn’t going to hide. Children did not fit into her busy life, and without them she felt quite comfortable.

In 2014 in the life of Cameron appeared Benji Madden, whom she after a year she got married. In December 2017, the actress has done the paperwork for adoption.

Eva Longoria

Знаменитые «чайлдфри», которые все же стали родителями. Фото

The actress has always said that the birth of the baby does not belong to the list of her deepest desires and to experience the joy of motherhood at any cost she is not going to. These statements and allowed fans to reckon eve to the clan star childfree.

But in 2016, the actress was married to Jose Antonio Baston, and on December 19, the couple said the waiting for the birth of a boy in may 2018. Love really works wonders.

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