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The famous astronomer has warned about new dangers of the Collider

Известный астроном предупредил о новых опасностях коллайдера Scientists for the first time describe the threats arising from the installation.

According to astronomer Royal Martin Rice, it is better to abandon experiments with the hadron Collider, as the unit is able to compress the Earth to hundreds of meters. In his latest work, the scientist cited a number of threats such as global climate change and the rise of AI.

Special attention astronomer was paid to the activities of scientists who are engaged in the Union of atoms to quarks (we are talking about protons and neurons). Due to incorrect calculations could in theory destroy the whole planet.

The black hole can just get out of control, as a result, all matter will be consumed. Quarks can be collected in a compressed objects. It is not excluded that after the collision there will be a new form of matter, which will clench the planet hipertensiunii sphere with a diameter of 100 meters.

Researchers have identified that energy in high concentrations, emerging at the broken particles that can cause “phase transition” that would break the spatial fabric. Experts are still not fully mastered all the laws of physics, therefore, all the experiments are carried out with great risk.

Of course, without risk do not get to learn certain things, but in this case, the danger is too big, just to take it and act.

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