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The famous actress talked about how hard it is to be with brad pitt

Известная актриса рассказала о том, как нелегко быть с Брэдом ПиттомThe famous actor did not hesitate reaction of his friend.

Actress Kate Winslet often come under discussion in the press from talking about the affair, Kate with Leonardo DiCaprio. What actress always answered briefly that he and Leo are just friends.

For Glamour magazine, the face of the new rooms which was Kate Winslet, a little more detail about his relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kate Winslet never ceases to assert that Leo are friends. Since the film originated their friendship, which they retain today. They can talk on any topic, sometimes even the most absurd. That’s just what the theme is, love is silent:

“I’m sure you don’t want to know what was our last conversation. But it was fun, I was laughing. We said, “can You imagine what would happen if the world learns what we talked about?”. You want to tell me what we’re talking about with Leo, but Yes, we are still very close! Sometimes we still quote to each other a replica of the Titanic, and we think it’s very funny.”

And the rumors about their affair “go”, apparently, only due to the fact that the actors played a great loving couple in “Titanic” and continue to appear in public together.

By the way, Leonardo DiCaprio is still single. And there was a girl who could cause him the desire to create a family.

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