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The famous actress announced their engagement

Известнейшая актриса объявила о помолвкеScarlett Johansson is preparing for engagement.

Was not yet three months since Scarlett Johansson has completed divorce proceedings with her second husband, as she’s already ready to become a bride! Anyway, first, Scarlett introduced her boyfriend — actor and TV host Colin Josta their parents, and now he introduced her to his father and mother.

33-year-old Scarlett, who filed for divorce from the Roman Duracom, her husband number two, in February of this year, just a month later, spun a new novel. With Gostom she met at the party of the TV show Saturday Night Live and the first time I tried to meet with him without attracting the attention of strangers. Moreover, the first few months of Johansson allowed himself to appear in public with other men. So, she was seen with lawyer Kevin Yorn and fashionable chef Bobby Flay.

But as it turned out both the boyfriend was just a “cover”. In fact, the actress was already in love with Gosta and treated them very seriously. However, to openly appear with him in public Scarlett started recently. So, a couple of weeks ago the paparazzi caught her when she kissed Colin on the streets of new York. And then — when Colin gave her a romantic dinner in the restaurant, 1700 House in the Hamptons.

As sure friend of the actress, in the near future we can expect the official announcement about the engagement Johansson and Josta. However, it will be decided whether Scarlett again go under the crown. After all, she already has a sad experience of two failed marriages. Besides, according to the actress, she is generally very difficult long to maintain a monogamous relationship, without which the marriage is unlikely to be successful and happy.

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