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The fall continues: Ukraine dropped in the world rankings living standards

Падение продолжается: Украина опустилась в мировом рейтинге уровня жизниThe lowest rates of the Sudan.

Ukraine ranked 112th in the world rankings living standards, losing 5 positions compared with the year 2016, — is spoken in the rating of British analytical center The Legatum Institute.

Countries are evaluated on the basis of the results of surveys of citizens of these countries into eight categories: economy, social sphere, government, business, health and personal freedoms of citizens in their countries.

In 2016 Ukraine occupied the 107th place in the ranking, now — 112. Since 2006, when we published the first prosperity Index, Ukraine dropped in the rating table on 17 items.

The lowest rating, Ukraine received in healthcare, losing 24 positions in comparison with the previous year.

The greatest positive changes compared with the previous year, reflected in the column “social capital” — plus 20 positions.

The top three in the ranking are Norway, New Zealand and Finland.

The United States was in 18th place, losing one position. Russia became the 101st, losing 4 positions, the Czech Republic 26th, and Poland — 32, Hungary — 45, Belarus — 95, Moldova — 98.

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