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The failure of the mission ExoMars accused Russia

В провале миссии ExoMars обвинили РоссиюThe error occurred when the machine ahead of time threw a protective shield and released the parachutes.

“We did everything we could, and that test, which they (Italian space Agency — approx. “Of the”) they say, would force us to fly near the Russian military base in Sevastopol. At that time, Russia had just annexed Crimea, and we could provoke a conflict between Russia and NATO,” said Dumitru Popescu, Arca head Space, on the claim by the Italian space Agency.

Schiaparelli was created by the Italian space Agency, and responsible for its testing before launching was made by the company Arca Space, which is not conducted air testing. The Italians after the collapse of the apparatus of the accused Romanians in improper check Schiaparelli. This Arca in the Space they were told that the European space Agency itself recommended to confine them to a computer simulation of the joining apparatus in the Martian atmosphere and not conduct experiments with the prototype Schiaparelli. Meanwhile, initially to test the landing module was planned in Sweden, however, from the economy test trusted little-known Arca Space.

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Arca Space founded by Popescu in 1999, its headquarters is in the USA. Final conclusions about the crash Schiaparell planned to announce in early 2017.

The joint mission of the European space Agency and Roscosmos ExoMars-2016 consisted of the Orbiter TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter) and landing demonstration module Schiaparelli. Went on the Red planet in March 2016. 19 Oct the lander crashed on the surface of the red planet.

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The error occurred, as shown by the special Commission investigation, when the machine ahead of time threw a protective shield and released the parachutes. The Orbiter TGO is in working condition and at the end of the year to begin the study of methane, acetylene and water in the Martian atmosphere. The mission is designed to operate until 2023.

ExoMars 2016 was the first European mission to study the red planet over the last 13 years and first in the last five years by Russia’s attempt to send a spacecraft into orbit of Mars. Two previous Russian automatic machines were not successful.

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