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The failure of the concert Loboda in Odessa: there was a reaction of Ukrainians

Срыв концерта Лободы в Одессе: появилась реакция украинцевThe web was much discussion disrupted a concert of the singer odious

After a scuffle between police and activists, as well as messages about the mining of club, concert, controversial singer Svetlana Loboda in Odessa, yesterday, may 28, was cancelled.

The patriots were accused Svetlana Loboda in participation in Russian TV show, which in addition to music have a political anti-Ukrainian subtext.

In the end, between police and protesters there was a fight, police used tear gas. Loboda couldn’t bear to leave the nightclub, she was able to retire the sea on the boat.

Later, the network appeared the statement of the producer artist Natella Krapivina, who explained the cancellation of the concert to ensure the safety of spectators. The Manager also said that Ukraine is waiting for the degradation of culture because of such incidents and attacks on artists. By the way, on the eve of the scandal with the singer Loboda presented another award at the music awards in Russia. In defense of the actress immediately issued Kremlin media.

The network rapidly react in response to the scandal surrounding the singer. Journalists have compiled the most interesting comments of Ukrainian musicians, listeners, and bloggers.

Users have divided into two camps: those who were outraged by the actions of the activists, who see the concert, and users calling for a boycott of the concerts of Ukrainian artists in Russia.

Defenders Loboda began to put forward various theories about the failure of the concert, and that concert allegedly broke Tina Karol. On this occasion, spoke of the Ukrainian producer Allen Brain.

“The strength to read that bullshit that you write that to the failure of the concert Loboda was involved, or even organized Tina. Failure of the concerts Loboda lies in the plane not Tina, but her “Patriotic” position against the country where she was born and a citizen is still there. Thank you for your attention,” said Brain.

“The fact that Ukrainian artists receive awards in the MSC now takes a double meaning. On the one hand this victory over the Russian actors, and with another guaranteed failure of concerts at Home,” says Mr Fox.

Some users have connected the new award Loboda in Moscow and the failure of the concert in Odessa.

“It remains unclear why he came Loboda. Is Nigeria so bad that the Moscow brothels send the staff on holiday at your expense? On what kind of reception to expect in Ukraine all these, so to speak, the performers? All seem to have long chosen their side in this war and “uncomprehending” magnifier eyes have nothing,” says Max Mykhaylenko.

Ukrainians harshly responded to the incident around artist in Odessa.

“Odessa chased the singer Loboda. She had to skedaddle on the boat on the sea. What to expect these Batcave Canary, denying Russian aggression in Ukraine. She shakes bare ass in front of the invaders in Russia, and then wants to earn in the Ukrainian city. We respect your choice, but not gastrolery here, ed Raska and castleway Russian. Moreover, there is all Russian sites about stars of riot porn gallery Loboda. She rush very popular. To her, the porn star road. Thanks Odessa for the youth that drove this porn”, commented Irina Pugacheva.

“Sveta I wanted to rasiyu and her dreams came true …. However the second time… well have tried once… now I got it… I get state concerts and a day, and then like mad in the vast expanses of… It’s her choice,” said Vadim Galganov.

Tell us where in Moscow about Kurbas, Commerce and the destruction of the culture and don’t hang to people about music and borders,” says Serj Deputat .

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