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The F-35 made in the USA, identified 873 defect

Country which is armed with encountered numerous flaws in the multi-purpose fighter-bombers F-35, writes the German aviation publication Flug Revue. Today, this combat aircraft is in service with the US air force, Japan, UK, Israel, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and other countries.

Robert Beler, Director of testing and technical assessment in the Pentagon, responsible for testing and certification of new military equipment, said on 873 defects occurring in the design and electronic systems of the F-35. His 14-page report contains a detailed description of the different kinds of flaws. Among the most serious technical problems are the following:

У истребителей F-35 производства США, выявлено 873 дефекта

– defects (more than 4700) in a self-contained data transmission system ALIS – the pride of Lockheed Martin Corporation, the manufacturer of the F-35. This system is a kind of “core” of the entire electronic filling of the plane and provides, including communication with other military units when conducting any operations.

static testing based F-35B showed poor results and should be continued.

– power airframe shall be manufactured by laser cutting, for increasing the strength and durability of a fighter.

– on the body near the exit of air guns, crack. Besides, the accuracy of the guns.

– cybersecurity fighter needs to be increased.

– maintenance costs of the F-35 remains high, although it was previously assumed mitigation.

Thus, the report points out, there is still a lot of work to improve the technical characteristics of the F-35’s software, as well as expansion of the nomenclature of used weapons.

Recall that the cost of the F35 120 to $ 85 million in 2019.

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