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The explosions at the ammunition depots near Mariupol: the reason

Взрывы на складах боеприпасов под Мариуполем: названа причинаMunitions that did not detonate, was blown up.

The cause of the fire and subsequent detonation of ammunition in a warehouse near Mariupol was the burning of dry grass on a nearby field.

This was stated by the military Prosecutor ATO Oleg Zizek.

At the same time, he said that the negligence of the military, who kept ammunition in improper conditions, no doubt.

Recall, September 22 at the ammunition depots of the military unit near Mariupol was set on fire. The fire spread to the territory of the military unit, the result of which started detonation of ammunition.

On this fact police opened criminal proceedings. The operational command “South” immediately called the cause of the fire and subsequent explosions arson in the neighboring field of unknown civilians. The morning of Saturday, September 23, the fire managed to be liquidated.

At the same time, law enforcement the main cause of the fire used to be called arson. “I understand that the farmers were preparing their field for the orcs and burned all that remained. Yesterday there was a strong wind, and everything was moved to the territory”, – said the representative of APU Sergey Furdik.

The faces of the arsonists now trying to install the police. Military stores, or rather what was left of them, promise to conserve ammunition here, most likely, will not.

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