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The explosion in Nenoksa: radioactive aftertaste

Взрыв в Нёноксе: радиоактивное послевкусие

From the published official of an international organization of card movement, the isotopic cloud, it follows that it could pass through Moscow, other regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

The country and the world continue to discuss the explosion of a liquid rocket with the isotopic component of the military training ground of the defense Ministry 40 kilometers from Severodvinsk and its possible consequences for people and the environment. Vladimir Putin’s statement from Paris (after more than two weeks) that “there is no threat and there is no increase in the background there also does not exist” has not convinced public opinion. On the contrary, caused a new wave of keen interest to the events on the ground and around it. People want to know the truth (facts) and seek it bit by bit. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet this can be done much easier than in the days of Chernobyl.

After the nuclear physicists on the eve of the funeral of five of his staff who died during the tests, forced a that the incident happened with liquid rocket isotopic component, it became clear why in Severodvinsk was a spike of radiation. However, as it turned out, we are talking not only about the increase of gamma radiation, but beta activity. This was reported by Roshydromet and secure its increased level in Severodvinsk, but also in Arkhangelsk, which is 100 km from the site. Values grew by 9 August and remained elevated for two more days. It is clear that in Nenoksa and to the Hill (with a population of about a thousand people) beta radiation was significantly higher than in those cities, not to mention the epicenter of the explosion. However, officially nothing about this until now, the public is not known.

Meanwhile, external beta radiation (as, indeed, and gamma) is not harmless — it can penetrate the body’s tissues to a depth of one centimeter. Significant doses of external exposure cause burns to the skin and lead to the defeat of radiation sickness. Even more dangerous if beta-active radionuclides fall into the body — then the person is irradiated from inside.

Besides, if it was a blast with the “departure” of radiation, for people (especially those in Nenoksa, Hills, Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk), it is important to know what radionuclides into the atmosphere. And how long they were there. After all, people them breathe — an hour, two, more? Nobody does not know the truth (in thirty minutes, is declared in the official report on “transient increases in radiation” in Severodvinsk and quietly removed the next day, no one believes after squeezing a teaspoon of information from the nuclear industry). And due to the fact that, as you can see from the leaked private information, the incident happened at the offshore platform, it is also important to know whether and how pollution of water the waters of the Dvina Bay of the White sea. All of this is shrouded in mystery, and it began with assurances of the Ministry of defence that “emissions was not.”

“There (in region — A. Y.) was directed experts, including independent experts who control the situation now. Anyway, the reports I get (…) from our experts and military experts and civilians”, — said the Putin at a press conference before the talks with the French President Makron. “We are serious changes there don’t see,” he said, adding that preventive steps are taken in order to avoid “surprises”.

What are the steps? Not these do? As reported recently, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, the Executive Director of the Organization of the Treaty banning nuclear testing (CTBT) by Lacina Zerbo, from August 10 has stopped transmitting data two Russian stations of the international monitoring system of nuclear tests in Dubna and Kirov. “We contacted them immediately to find out the cause of a break in the flow of information, and Russian officials said that they have problems “communication and network”, — he said. And since August 13, according to him, these two stations were joined and Bilibino in Chukotka and Zalesovo that in the Altai region. Station in Bilibino, according to the representative of the CTBTO, resumed its work with international partners on 20 August in the evening. From his posts it became clear also that some time was not working for international data transfers and the monitoring station Peleduy in Yakutia.

Disabling the operation of these stations, the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation “abroad” after the explosion on the ground with emission of radiation within the logic of military secrets: not to give a potential enemy to draw certain conclusions about what actually exploded while testing the rocket. (It is “suggested” to the radionuclides fixed stations.) However, there is another issue directly affecting the health of people not having this secret nothing. It is the geographical spread of the radioactive cloud. If about the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl first learned Swedish technicians, when the radioactive cloud reached them, and we first heard about this on the radio voices, something about nenacovice radioactive cloud told us in his “tweet” African American Lacina Zerbo. He published a map of its potential distribution after the incident at the site near Severodvinsk. It follows that the radioactive cloud could pass mainly through the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. Of course, this is only entertainment map, and in the explanation it States that the model does not mean the discovery of radiation and the risk to human health.

But in this story, I think, there is one interesting point that almost no one paid attention. On August 8, in the evening (after the explosion of a nuclear component in nenoksa, but this country is not yet known) broadcasting of several Federal TV channels in Russia was interrupted by an alarming warning: the capital is expected squally wind speed reaches 25 m/sec. the city will fall powerful showers. This MOE reported that the bad weather will last until the evening of the next day. In Moscow was announced as the orange danger level. Alarming female voice was saying on the background of the same text in full screen: take shelter in solid buildings, not out on the streets, etc. Broadcast and frighten not only the TV but the speakers on the street. And such messages from the MOE received on all mobile phones of Muscovites. Added degrees the news about the impending weather Apocalypse and mayor Sergei Sobyanin personally contacting people about a very serious storm warning. Notice that after the break, broadcast at 20.00, it was never resumed until 21.00. It also introduced people to a screeching halt.

And in the morning, Muscovites woke up. What? Was boring rain, no heavy wind — gusts and evening, and all night did not exceed 17 m/sec. Awesome prediction did not come true. However, even 9 August messengers circulate a short voice mail: all MCHS and “Spamrazer” (search and rescue — A. Y.), and all who have to these services relationship, “on low start”. “In Moscow there is a big storm, winds of up to 48 metres per second Saturday of 172 kilometers per hour, more than it was in 1998 — said a male voice.- Try to stay at home.” That is, it was already about 10 Aug. The man positioned himself as a friend of the employee “Spacezilla”, which it warned about this.

So what was it really? Unlikely we will know soon. However, the coincidence of the explosion in Nenoksa and discharge fears about weather the Apocalypse in Moscow was amazing. Assume that the power in the first hours they were scared of what happened. And don’t exclude anything. Including radioactive cloud that could, according to the wind rose in that fateful hour, to move to the capital. And it moved. From the map, posted by the head of the CTBTO, it is clear that this cloud has passed over Moscow and the region from the evening of August 10 on the morning of the 11th. But why are we warned about the “end of the world”, which was supposed to happen the evening of the 8th and last all day the 9th? Apparently, tested the mass notification system in case it is needed later? And on 10 and 11 August was the weekend, with rain in the suburbs (besieging isotopes from the cloud?) on Saturday and sun on Sunday. But this time, apparently, it turned out that the radiation level is not excessive, up and down, without explanation. (First, what?) However, this is only my version. The government is silent. Despite the fact that Roshydromet recorded in Severodvinsk on 8 August, the exceeding of dose rate of gamma radiation in the 4 to 16 fold compared to the background values. Despite the fact that people died, irradiated (again, not known how many) were in hospitals, radioactive debris of a “product” fluttering in the sea — this is what we, as with Chernobyl, we learn not from officials but from other sources.

I remembered the same silence about the radioactive clouds and their precipitation after Chernobyl. In 1989, we in the Gorbachev of the USSR called for an explanation, as it was, the then head of goskomgidromet of the USSR Yuri Izrael, and he put us all cards with the traffic flow of the radioactive cloud, not only by days but by hours and minutes, in the cities and villages. Not only Union, but also beyond it — in Europe. Everyone knew. That is lied with knowledge of the matter.

Meanwhile, in the Department for nuclear and radiation safety of Norway stated that from 9 to 12 August 2019 in the atmosphere in Northern Norway reported the presence of a small amount of radioactive iodine. At the same time to associate it with the incident in the Arkhangelsk region there are unable. And what? This is some kind of infinite Chernobyl deja vu. Then, three years after explosion at Chernobyl, at the invitation of the Soviet government to us there has arrived group of scientists from France, Argentina and Canada. They quickly met the expectations of the Soviet leadership, saying from the pages of “Truth” that “human health is not threatened”. I found out later that their trip and stay in the USSR — everything was paid with people’s account No. 904, where their last penny to help the victims of Chernobyl radiation were translated, even poor old women.

Therefore, it is not surprising today that against the backdrop of communities of Norwegians with Russian nuclear scientists Oslo is difficult to identify the radioactive iodine on its territory after an explosion in Nenoksa. But surprised why no Russian or Western anti-nuclear NGOs and environmentalists, rightly criticizing Moscow for lying around the incident on the ground, not in a hurry to make requests to the Norwegian authorities?

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