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The experts identified the most dangerous browser

Эксперты определили самый опасный браузерGoogle’s experts checked the popular browsers.

Experts from Google’s Project Zero team tested the five most popular browsers on the number of errors in the DOM interface.

By results of check the largest number of vulnerabilities were identified in Mozilla, but the lowest – in Chrome.

Testing was conducted using a utility Domato, which transmits the test application, random data set and analyzing anomalies in the output. Domato testing DOM-engines — components of the browser that read the HTML-code and organize it into the DOM.

It is noted that utility Domato found approximately the same number of bugs in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, but a lot more bugs in Safari that stands out among the rest.

Google reported bugs to the developers of each of the browsers and gave them copies Domato that everyone is able to perform more extensive tests of their products. Source code Domato also published on GitHub.

Эксперты определили самый опасный браузер

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