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The experts identified the major beneficial properties of pomegranate and its juice

Эксперты назвали основные полезные свойства граната и его сокаPomegranate juice is extremely healthy, as are pomegranates.

Grenades are often called the king of fruits. However, until now, society can not come to a common conclusion about pomegranates or berries. It is known that pomegranate juice has fewer nutrients. Moreover, the use of the juice the body gets more vitamins than in the process of eating pomegranate seeds.

Doctors recommend eating pomegranate and its fresh juice to absolutely everyone both adults and children. But people who have a problem with a slow metabolism, doctors suggest you first come to the physician for a consultation, and then go easy on the grenades as a binding property of the king of fruits can have a negative effect on the metabolism.

The main beneficial properties of pomegranate and pomegranate juice:

1. Lowers blood pressure. Those who suffer from hypertension, not only can eat pomegranate or drink its juice in pure form and brew a drink of pre-cleaned pomegranate peel. To drink this pomegranate drink should be in the period when the person knows that the pressure can rise, for example, before an important conversation or interview.

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2. Stops diarrhea. In order to resolve the frequent urge for bowel movement, you can drink pomegranate juice or an infusion of its dried peel.

3. Eliminates excessive sweating. In this case, the experts claim that drinking pomegranate infusion will be able to solve the problem of athlete’s foot. It may not be forever, but as a prevention it is possible to use such a tool.

4. Treats stomatitis. Infusion of pomegranate peel you can rinse your mouth, take it inside for several days until the symptoms of disease begin to disappear.

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5. Calms the nerves. In a Cup of tea, psychologists suggest to add the dried membrane, granules or the pomegranate peel to quickly calm your nerves and regain your strength.

6. Increases hemoglobin. For anybody not a secret that the pomegranate or fresh juice out of it quickly copes with this task, as increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood in humans with anemia or anemia.

7. Helps to deal with seasonal viruses and to facilitate health of the patient. With the help of pomegranate juice inside the body is a powerful support to the immune system which fights viruses and infections. Plus, minerals and vitamins in garnets give a person courage and energy, so it is easier to tolerate SARS and influenza.

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