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The experts gave their forecast of the dollar at the beginning of may

Эксперты дали прогноз курса доллара на начало маяA slight increase in expected currency.

“In a week the dollar on the interbank market may be trading close to UAH 26.6, and the cash dollar in banks will be quoted about 26.5/26,8 UAH”, – he said.

As recalled by the analyst, this week, the interbank market worked only two days, Thursday and Friday. At Thursday, compared with the previous working day – last Friday – the dollar rose and on Friday slightly decreased.

“In General, low volatility of exchange rate fluctuations suggests stabilization of the dollar near current levels,” – said the expert.

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Last short working week delayed the official rate of the dollar against the hryvnia is still decreased, and in other segments of the foreign exchange market increased by 0.1-0.4%.

So, from Friday to Friday the official rate of dollar established by the NBU, decreased from 26.62 to 26.56 UAH UAH (-0,2%). Demand/supply of the dollar on the interbank market, according to the company “Ukrdealing”, during this same time increased from 26.37/26,42 to 26,48/26,51 (+0,4%/+0,3%). The average buying/selling rate of cash dollar in banks rose for the week from 26.40/26,71 to 26,46/26,74 (+0,2%/+0,1%). The spread between the average sale and the average purchase decreased from 1.2% to 1.1% due to the faster growth rate of purchase compared to selling, said a senior analyst at Alpari.

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