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The experts explained what mushrooms are dangerous to health

 Эксперты объяснили, какие грибы опасны для здоровьяRussula is not the best choice.

Russula appear in the forest before many other mushrooms and never hide. Besides Russula rich in vitamins and potassium and phosphorus. That is why they are so popular among avid mushroom pickers.

There are more than 270 species of this fungus. Many of them suitable for consumption. But some can cause serious harm to the human body. Therefore, going into the woods, first of all you should know about what russulas are absolutely safe, and which even in the hands not worth taking. So egocheaga Russula contains a toxic alkaloid muscarine, which causes disturbances in the digestive system. No wonder the second name of egocheaga Russula – gag. This mushroom can be distinguished by its orange or light red hat with rounded edges and a fruity smell. But green Russula, on the contrary, it is edible. However, this fungus is dangerous because it is easy to confuse with poison pale toadstool.

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Also it should be noted that Russula its name is not justified, and eating them raw is not recommended. Russula salted, pickled, fried. But best of all Russula, like any other mushrooms, carefully boil.

Russula are difficult to digest in the body, so a portion of these mushrooms should not exceed 150 grams. You should not use the Russula and those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract, and heart disease. Do not offer mushrooms for the elderly and children up to 7 years.

Cunning foxes

Chanterelles can be found in the forest from early spring to late autumn. Chanterelles almost never worm-eaten, and are a kind of delicacy. In addition, these mushrooms are very good for health. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, as well as henomenon that can easily destroy the eggs of any helminth.

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However, the Fox is akin to the eponymous animal, very cunning mushroom. There is a risk is true chanterelles to recruit the most that neither is false. They are called orange govorushka. However, to distinguish the talkie Tina from the edible mushroom is not so easy. They like each other as two drops of water. But if you look, you find differences. False chanterelles have a more vivid color, long and dry the leg, and the hat they have a perfect shape, without laced edges.

Orange talkie Tina is rich in toxins that poison the body. Symptoms of poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and body aches.

Doctors do not recommend to use chanterelles in food to small children, pregnant and lactating women and those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.

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