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The experts explained how to sleep for 4 hours a day

Эксперты объяснили, как высыпаться за 4 часа в сутки Experts cited the example of several methods of polyphasic sleep.

We were told many facts about sleep. But did not mention what types of sleep are, what do polyphasic sleep.

Monophasic and biphasic sleep

Monophasic is when people went to bed in the evening, woke up in the morning. Well, or went to sleep during the day awake at night… Here is one as there are larks, there are owls, there are generally some strange birds… But there is such a thing as biphasic sleep. That is, for example, is seven to eight hours of sleep at a time at first to sleep six hours and then another half an hour! And thanks to this method it is possible to sleep for exactly six and a half, and the body will be enough.

Polyphasic sleep

Эксперты объяснили, как высыпаться за 4 часа в сутки

A dream that is more than two times a day is called polyphasic. He may not be “bi -” means two, and more often! And that in polyphasic sleep, and the answer, according to many scientists, as well feel really good. And invented it, say, Leonardo da Vinci. He needed a lot of time on any case, because he went to bed every four hours, twenty minutes. And everything felt great!

What are kinds of sleep?

Mode Uberman is a technique da Vinci, twenty minutes of sleep every four hours. The mode of the Dymaxion is half an hour every six hours. The mode of Everyman and a half to three hours at night, and then three times a day for twenty minutes. Mode Tesla, which, they say, just Nikola Tesla and used two hours a night, and then another twenty minutes in the afternoon to NAP. The Siesta regime of five hours a night and a half hour day.

The History Of Fuller

Buckminster fuller conducted his experiments in the mid-1900’s, and it was he who invented the mode “every six hours for half an hour”. He adhered to this schedule for two years, but it turned out that those with whom he has to work, sleep at night, and because of the poor fuller’s boring to work there was “nothing”! So he abandoned the idea, empty-handed.

The Story Of Steve Peacocks

Эксперты объяснили, как высыпаться за 4 часа в сутки

It is an American blogger, he practiced polyphasic sleep mode “Uberman” five and a half months and have posted reports. It took weeks to adapt — drowsiness and physical ailments. And then he conducted experiments — stretched phase, pass them, checked the influence of coffee… Refused roughly the same as Mr fuller — the whole world lives differently.

The Experiment Of Thomas Faith

Eight healthy men were trapped for a month in a dark room. Well, for a month — for fourteen hours a day every day. Initially, they slept for eleven of these fourteen. Then began a very different approach — people began to sleep for four hours, then another two hours not sleeping, then slept again for another four… I mean normal people still don’t have to sleep seven hours straight, with breaks — more natural.

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