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The experts explained how to run to lose weight

Эксперты объяснили, как правильно бегать, чтобы похудеть As not to harm health and to get rid of extra inches.

We all know about the benefits of running to our health. But what is the most effective for weight loss? How to run? And how much exercise to lose weight and look slim and toned?

Today we reveal to you the secrets of a beautiful figure.

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What happens in the body during the run

As soon as you start running, the body feels energized. In this case, involves special molecules that are broken down in the first second of running, to provide energy.
After one minute, your heart rate and blood pressure higher than normal. And the body begins to “consume” more energy from the glycogen or glucose, which are contained in muscle and blood.
For the first ten minutes your blood pressure can be significantly higher than normal and pulse is racing faster. Meanwhile, the body temperature rises, to prevent overheating, the body activates potovydelenie system.
In the 25th minute inexperienced runners it’s hard to breathe. And it happens because the body still need to produce energy, which becomes critically small. But the body is designed in such a way that slows blood flow, reducing the flow of air into the body. Lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, and there is heaviness while running. But on 25 minutes, split fats and carbohydrates.
After 30 minutes, your body produces dopamine, or the “happiness hormone”, which will maintain energy for a long time.

Running for weight loss

Trainers recommend running no less than forty minutes a day, alternating between Jogging and walking. This is the number that will allow your body to achieve a stable physical exertion, actively burning the fat.

Running regularly throughout the month you can lose up to three pounds. But this is only the case if you follow a proper diet. It is absolutely not important type of running, most importantly the regularity and length of distances. And don’t forget to warm up before a workout, because it will reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits of Jogging for health

Regular running burns the fatty tissue, making your body fit and healthy.
Thanks run, your joints and ligaments will become more elastic. So with each run the risk of sprains will decrease.
Jogging strengthens the diaphragm. And already after a while your breathing is normal and will remain smooth even with the increase of load.
Running strengthens the immune system, and lungs and bronchi.
Stabiliziruemost blood pressure, and even reduces the level of blood sugar. Therefore, Jogging is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

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