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The expert was surprised by the statement of loans to Ukraine

Эксперт удивил заявлением о кредитах для УкраиныThe expert believes that Ukraine can survive without the help of the European powers.

Ukraine should stop listening to foreign advisers, whose interests may differ from Ukrainian.

About it in interview was declared by the head of the “Infrastructure” of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Vladimir Shulmeyster.

“Ukraine’s problem is that she listens to third-party advisers. Too often we orientirueshsya to someone, listen to foreign consultants, and they have their own tasks not related to Ukrainian interests. Therefore, my position Ukraine as a country needs to defend its interests, but today this is not happening,” he said.

According to him, “loans and IMF tranches are not necessary.” “Taking loans, we hang the “yoke” on the neck of our children. If you look at Ukraine as on the economy of a company, and to apply to a normal commercial Bank, no credit we get, because we have nothing to give. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we “sawed” to the pockets, now is the “cut” credits”, — says Know.

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“I am opposed to Ukraine was an agricultural country, a raw materials appendage. GDP is expected to increase by 2-3% in the amount of inflation it needs to grow, 10-15-20%, otherwise we will remain in the reservoir of stories,” he says.

Shulmeyster believes that resources within Ukraine are huge. “You just need to stop stealing. This applies to all vertical – the government and state-owned companies and oligarchs. Needs a firm hand, which will make it so that people were afraid to steal,” — said the expert. “So, if just to stop the vessels of one state company called “Ukrzaliznytsya”, according to my calculations, you can save about $2 billion, respectively, and safely withdraw from 1.5 billion tranches of the IMF”, — sums up Vladimir Shulmeyster.
Recall that you Know for years was the first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky.

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