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The expert told that waits for the hryvnia in spring

Эксперт рассказал, что ждет курс гривны веснойAccording to the expert, the NBU can not guarantee practically nothing to Ukrainians.

The national Bank of Ukraine can not predict what will be the course, even for a month, not to mention a longer period.

This was stated by General Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

Commenting on the so-called index of a Tulip, I noticed that to purchase flowers by last year’s prices.

“The flowers we have less, so with this in mind, and because of the competition they practically do not rise in price”, – said Alexey Doroshenko.

The guest of the program noted that Ukraine, like other States, prices are rising, but the back don’t move.

“We have a different picture: now relative to March we can see that the prices show different directions of movement – a somewhat cheaper, though half food and half more expensive. Why? It’s simple: in December, we saw a rate of 29 hryvnia per dollar. Then the dollar started to fall. Therefore, those manufacturers who sell their products with a short implementation period, they, respectively, consider the course that is in exchange, e.g. 27 UAH / USD. But if you produce a product that sells for 180 days and you give it in the terms of payment in 30 days, 90 days, or someone can tell what course we will have in June? If the NBU from the beginning of year two months three times already reviewed the refinancing rate. This means that the national Bank can not predict what will happen even a month, not to mention the three “, – said Alexey Doroshenko.

Therefore, he said, producers of goods, are not sold in the short term, laying the course 29-30 UAH / USD. According to Alexey Doroshenko, the stabilization will be only in March, and in April the dollar will go up.

Economist Andrey Dligach said that the issue of gifts – commercialized and sales on the occasion of the growing in huge number of times.

“If the celebration is, it will be commercialized, depending on the fact that there is a basis”, – said Andrey Dligach.

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