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The expert told how to stop the car when brake failure

Эксперт рассказал, как остановить машину при отказе тормозов The main thing is not to panic and to try some ways.

The brake system consists of two circuits. If the problem is in one may operate the second circuit. For this we need to bleed the brake system, intensely pressing on the brake pedal several times.

If the car is at the mechanics, you can try engine braking: gradually lowering the transmission one after the other, squeezing the clutch pedal a minimum of time, not to lose the connection of the engine with the box. When you downshift, the tachometer needle should not go into the red zone. We have to be careful because the machine can enter.

In the case of automatic gearbox, you need to go into manual mode and gradually reduce the speed as the mechanical box.

If this is not possible, you should move the lever from position “D” to position “1” (range restriction) or to put into first gear, then the mechanism itself will make the slide.

For emergency braking you can use the handbrake. To enable it you need to gently, and let go when you lock the wheels to the car not skidded.

The car can be stopped with the help of contact inhibition. This can be done by hitting the curb or lapping to the curb. Such a maneuver is necessary to make at low speed and very carefully.

Remember, these measures are taken only in emergency cases. Many experts advise drivers to take courses of extreme and defensive driving.

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